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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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robin was a big hugger. and you will feel that i think when you walk into this building. >> williams was beloved for his work on mork and mindy. he committed suicide at home two years ago. it was a big night in baseball as gillespie and bumgarner led the giants to a wild card victory. we have player reaction and fan reaction as the team takes off for chicago to take on the cubs. all eyes on the east coast as hurricane matthew heads towards florida. preparations underway as people are being urged to pack up and leave. plus, the bay area school where one in five students is homeless and many others have a criminal record. we will take you inside the school for more on the woman in charge and how she is changing lives one at a time. >> the international orange shining a little brighter on the golden gate bridge. feeling good on a thursday morning. a lot of buzz out there about
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the orange and black. speaking of buzz, a lot of buzzing going on around the bay as the blue angels take off and do a couple practice runs before the air shows on friday, saturday and sunday. welcome to the 9, everyone. sal, bumgarner, epic. >> never a doubt. >> never a doubt. >> a fantastic game in new york. both sides pitched great. >> gillespie is playing very well. >> we will talk giants later. we have a busy newscast. a lot of headlines making news in the bay area. we begin on the east coast. we're getting forecasts about where hurricane matthew could hit later tonight. that storm was officially upgraded to a category 4 hurricane 60 minutes ago. it is currently about 30 miles west of the bahamas. our steve paulson says computer models indicate there is a chance that matthew makes landfall tonight and slams right into the kennedy space
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center at cape canaveral. meanwhile the impact being felt across the united states. we just talked to the duty manager at sfo. five flights from florida and nine outbound flights are canceled. they are miami, ft. lauderdale and orlando. besides airlines, united jetblue, united and american, ktvu's alex savage is joining us now with the latest on hurricane matthew. >> yeah. unfortunately hurricane matthew strengthened as we expected. now this powerful storm is inching closer to the east coast of florida. florida's governor issued a stern warning to anyone thinking about sticking around and riding out this storm. >> this is not something that you should take a chance with. time is running out. leave. there's no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. >> the governor says this storm could kill people if they stick
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around. matthew the most powerful storm to hit florida in more than a decade. from florida all the way up to south carolina, a lot of people are leaving the coast and heading inland. this is the scene. some areas have seen the highway lanes reversed so that people can move in the same direction on both sides of the freeways to try to ease congestion. many stores they are packed with people. they're stocking up on all of the necessities, food, water, batteries, generators. especially for those sticking around. also gas in very short supply. and also in some areas people are not able to get their hands on fuel. hundreds of shelters have been set up for those who need a safe place to stay during the storm. >> now it's time to hunker down for the storm. please get into a shelter. please get off the roads and go into your home. that is the best way to protect yourself, your family, our first responders and the other residents and folks here visiting in south florida. >> and in the meantime, matthew
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has already caused incredible destruction across the caribbean. this is some of the devastation. at least 25 deaths so far have been blamed on the storm which leveled homes across haiti, cuba and the dominican republic. as the storm begins to impact the east coast of florida, beginning later on today, i know some of the outer bands are moving in as steve has alluded to here. the big concerns are the powerful winds bringing down trees and power lines. steve, you said that the other concern is the storm surge which really can cause some really bad coastal flooding and beach erosion. >> it had beach erosion in the last couple of decades by natural causes. some of the areas, the sea level is not high above that. you take storm surge, eight, ten feet, you can change the landscape with a category 4 hurricane. we hope the core of the eye maybe stays on the atlantic side and does not come ashore.
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category 4 at 140 miles per hour. it is accelerating north/northwest at 14 miles per hour. somewhere around west palm beach up to melbourne, itch i have seen a couple of forecast projections that take it over cocoa beach and cape canaveral, kennedy space station and one towards orlando. it moves north and then weakens off of the georgia coast and carolina coast and it may wraparound next week and come back. we will have to watch it. that is matthew and then nicole is still a tropical storm but 70 miles per hour. so almost like we can see matthew, that's for sure. miami radar picking that up and the bands moving on shore. look at the core of the eye going over nassau and accelerating rapidly. it looks around west palm to fort pierce that seems to be the focus of the landfall late tonight and more tomorrow morning. interesting to note that water temperature is 86 degrees.
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that has lots to feed on. lots of energy. melbourne is just south of cape canaveral. there is orlando. you can see it to the left. that would be right over cocoa, cape canaveral, kennedy space center and space x. if that's a category 4, you're talking 140 miles per hour. what is interesting, gasia, mike, sal, on nassau, there were reports of 50 to 80 miles per hour winds, 25 miles away, 140. >> 25 miles away. >> yeah. so if we can keep the right front quadrant are usually the most damaging. if that stays in the atlantic, we can minimize the damage. if that moves over land, it will be devastation. >> it is. thank you, steve for tracking it. throughout the morning. we will stay on it throughout the day. >> turning to the san francisco giants. they are into the national league division series after winning a wild card game against the new york mets. it was a pitchers' dual at way up to the 9th.
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>> 1-1. and a fly ball well hit. right field. bruce is back. turns. and it's gone. >> and that was connor no batting gloves gillespie with the three-run homer. the giants had struggled against syndergaard but he was out of the game by then. bumgarner performed his post season best. he stayed through the bottom of the 9th. a modest bumgarner said it was a team effort. >> our team, all of our guys, you know, we love each other. we love coming to work every day and going to battle for each other. that says it all. without that, you know, there's -- we don't have the success that we do. >> bumgarner has a 23 inning shutout streak in the post season. he is 8-0 in post season starts. well, giants fans, gathered since the game was in new york
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here in san francisco and around the peninsula at pubs, bars and restaurants to watch this game. this is what it was like at pete's tavern and pedro's cantina across the street from the at&t park. fans were nervous until the big home run and bumgarner's pitching that ended what a lot of people call torture. >> the giants did it. they came back. all of those doubters. >> we had a rough two and a half months. it's a new season right now. 2016. let's celebrate. let's go giants. >> despite being the low scoring pitching dual. fans say it was one of the best they have ever seen. >> johnny is set to start with the cubs. it's at 6:00 tomorrow night at wrigley field. game 2 is saturday. the series then moves home to san francisco for game three which would be on monday. if necessary, game 4 would be
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on tuesday. if game 5 is necessary, it would be back in chicago a week from tonight. >> they have won six of seven. swept the dodgersment went to new york across the country in a loud crowd right there at citi field. got the win. and now they have all of the confidence that you can imagine going into chicago. >> what a different feeling from a month ago. >> when they were sinking and holding on. >> the bullpen wasn't doing well. and it's just one of those things where i think it has a lot to do with bruce who somehow gets that clubhouse to get whatever feeling it is that they get around this time ofaer. >> and the experience. i agree with bumgarner it was a team effort. they took a lot of pitches. 2-2, 2-3 counts not to get specific. by doing that they were able to get syndergaard out of the game after 7 innings and got to their bullpen and threatened in the 7th and the 8th. we saw what happened in the 9th. >> if you were watching you could see the faces of the new
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york mets fans getting worried. >> just the tone. he got that walk in the 9th. if he would have been out, they would have walked gillespie and bumgarner is out of the game. off we go. off we go to the city of chicago to take on the cubs. we will be back after the break. >> nice tie, by the way, mike. ♪[music] ♪ don't stop believing ♪
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>> taking a look at stocks. we see that the dow jones is on the losing side but not as much as we saw earlier on in the session. the nasdaq is slightly on the downside as well. we have been talking about the fact that the mall of america will be closed for thanksgiving this year to allow its workers to spend time with families and loved ones. some individual stores may decide to open. so many people are applauding the mall for taking the action.
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but some workers say they like working on the holiday because they get extra pay to do so. what is more important to you, more time with your family or more money in your bank account? on twitter, suzanne writes family is more important. money is replaceable. family is not. >> facebook follower theresa said if you are older and have kids, you want to be home with your family. if you're young, all you think about is money so you want to work. >> roger says take the overtime. take the holiday pay. take the bonuses. time with my family during the holidays is priceless. so i don't -- i don't know what he means there. time is priceless but he wants the money. >> he wants both. what is wrong with that. we will check your responses throughout the morning. we appreciate you using our hashtag. new this morning, retiring
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california senator barbara boxer has endorsed harris. she is running against loretta sanchez. initially boxer said she would remain neutral in the race. now she has come out strongly in support of harris saying california deserves a continuation of clear progressive leadership in the u.s. senate. senator dine feinstein is also endorsing harris. as hillary clinton and donald trump get ready for the next debate on sunday, they're weighing in on the debate tuesday night. donald trump is taking credit for the strong performance of mike pence. >> i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice. that was my first hire as we would say at las vegas. he was phenomenal. >> hillary clinton insists that tim kaine was the winner as he challenged pence to defend some of donald trump's more controversial statements. >> pence just bobbed and
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weaved. trying to get out of the way because after all trying to defend donald trump is an impossible task. >> donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in their second debate sunday night in st. louis. and you can watch it right here on ktvu. a school providing a haven for student who's are falling through the cracks because of violence, drugs and even homelessness. monte francis has more on the school. the woman who knows their struggles because she has lived them herself. >> reporter: just a short distance from the sweeping views from treasure island, nestled between the abandoned buildings is something you would not expect. a high school for students who have reached the end of the line. >> the kids that we deal with are kids that have either been thrown out of school, dropped out of school, bullied. and so all of them are what
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people call at risk. thank you. >> reporter: terry de lane is the principal of life learning academy, a charter school part of the san francisco unified school district. many of her students have criminal records. almost half of them are on probation. >> i got kicked out of the house a few times. >> i got caught with a gun and drugs. like pills and a bunch of weed. >> reporter: the school even has students from rival gangs who sit in class and eat meals together. the students take turns cooking the meals as part of a shared responsibility. and the principal says never one in its 18 years of existence has there ever been a single fight at the school. de lane says that's because before a student is accepted, each of them makes a simple promise. >> give me your word. because you don't have anything else to give me. give me your word to nonviolence and start there. >> reporter: de lane always has
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her cell phone close by. all of the students have her number and sometimes her phone rings in the middle of the night. >> arie. come here. >> reporter: one such call came from 17-year-old arie two years ago when he ended up in jail after bringing a gun to his former high school. >> she was like you're significant bringing a gun to school. she was yelling at me. she was like -- but that's how terry is. she yells but she loves everybody. >> reporter: arie was expelled from balboa high school but found a home here and felt like she belonged. still his struggles were far from over. >> after i came here, i got shot. it was last year in may. i got shot in the neck and it came out my cheek. it kind of like changed my -- you know, my perspective on a lot of things. after that is when i really changed to be a different person. >> i went to the hospital and i started yelling at him about
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being out at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: when a student struggles, de lane doesn't let go. she only holds on tighter. >> we need to prove to people that no matter where you come from which is what i tell them, no matter where you come from, that you're worth something. that you can change. that you're smart. that you can have a future. >> reporter: at 14, darius davis already had a conviction forearmed robbery and had been kicked out of two schools. despite his run-ins with the law, de lane told him she saw the good in him. >> i feel like she really cares about us. after that conversation that we had. she seemed passionate about what she was saying. >> reporter: de lane relates so well with the students because she has walked a mile in their shoes, coming over a past of abuse and addiction. >> i was running away regularly from home. i was getting arrested regularly from home. i overdosed. i had a needle in my arm the
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14. i overdosed three times to where i almost died. >> reporter: as a young woman, de lane ended up at de lance estreet, a well known residential rehab program in san francisco. there she learned a principle that changed her life. >> and i had to learn what a family looked like. how you sit down and eat dinner together. how you push each other to do more and do better. and that's what i learned. and what i learned, i give. and what they learn, i expect them to give it to somebody else. >> reporter: there is something else that makes life learning academy unique. it's that 20 of the 60 students who attend class here are considered homeless. meaning they don't have a permanent place to stay from night to night. de lane says after one student died as a result of an unstable home situation, she made a decision to transform a plot of land on the ground that serves as an organic garden into a
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boarding school. an architect has already drawn up plans and the school hopes to break ground next year. de lane envisions a safe place for students to live and grow. for many, the school already feels like home. and for some, it has given them a chance at life that they never thought they would have. >> i was thinking about life- like i wasn't -- i wasn't going to grade wait or live past a certain age. people don't like me from certain areas. now i can see if i can move out of the city and try to change. >> i don't think i would have graduated or gone back to school if i hadn't come here. my life would have been completely different. >> reporter: monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the school has a 90% graduation rate. and every student who graduates does so with a job or enrolled in college. >> both of the student that's we profiled are graduating next may. both plan to continue their education. >> as for the boarding school, it has raised $1 million of the
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3 and a half million dollars goal. they hope to be ready to house students by the end of next year. coming up next, right now a free flu clinic is being held in oakland and san jose. up next, we talk about preparing for flu season with our medical expert. they prey on our children, spending billions.
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addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes,
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smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. winter is right around the corner and kids are back in school. with that comes cold and flu season. >> flu activity generally begins to increase in the month of october. >> how can you tell between the cold and a flu and should you vaccinate, get that shot or not. we are joined live by ktvu medical expert larry bruchette. >> thank you for the intro. it's good to be here. >> the nasal flu mist is not as effective as the shot. which do you advise patients to get for their children. >> when they looked at the
9:24 am
numbers in the past, the nasal -- the old flu shot was 20 times more effective. and the nasal one i think it was like 3 or 5%. it didn't do much. >> right. so the american board of pediatricians and all of the boards said we don't even recommend that anymore. it doesn't work. >> a lot of people don't want to get a flu shot. the kids get it but not all parents do. i have talked to various people. for whatever reason they don't want to get it. what are the fears? why do people not get the shot even when it's readily available to them? >> one of the common misconceptions is that the flu shot will give you the flu. that's not true. there are some side effects. it hurts. i got mine yesterday and my shoulder hurts a little bit. you may get a fever but it won't give you the flu where you have body aches, feel terrible, sick from the flu. that's one main reason, a misconception that holds people back from getting it.
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>> i don't get it. i have two children. they get t i don't get it because i don't really get the flu. i've never had the flu shot. >> knock on wood for you right now mike mibach. >> i need to change that mentality, right? >> this what is i would say to you. not only is there a benefit to you but you can help save lives. so the people who die from the flu are the weakest among us. those who are older, have lung disease, weaker, marginal. if we all -- if the whole heard gets vaccinated then it's less likely that the weakest among us will get it and die. so maybe it's not a benefit for you but think about doing it for the rest of society. >> good point. let me ask you this. i have this debate with my wife about sending our children to school not only with the flu about with a cold. he's fine. he's got a cold. send him off. he's fine. what is the line in the sand in regards to sending children to
9:26 am
school when they're sick? >> i say three things in general. one, if they have a fever, keep them home. there's a couple things to think about. one, is it contagious? is your kid going to give it to other kids? do they have a fever or vomiting or diarrhea. those are spread quick. do they have a bad cuff? runny nose and a little cough, that's okay. can your kid participate in school? are they so sick, are they coughing so much. >> if they're lethargic. >> keep them home if they're not going to get anything out of it. >> when my kid has a fever, we give her something immediately to bring it down. isn't the fever what helps fight whatever she has. >> that's a good question. a fever is a sign that your immune system is identifying virus bacteria, whatever and mounting an immune response. lowering it by tylenol and ibuprofen doesn't negate the
9:27 am
response. it's a sign that things are doing what it should. >> we're all parents of young children and we joke when they get sick. the immune system will be strong when my kid is a teenager. is that true? do a lot of school yard illnesses build up to a stronger body when they're older. >> absolutely. >> good. good. >> there's meaning to them being sick. yeah. it actually puts them in a better position later. it's interesting how we see in the er certain diseases primarily effect young kids. then when you get older, teenage and adult, we don't see them getting it that much. i think that's because you developed the immunity. your antibodies respond when you -- maybe you run into that cold again and fight it off. >> good. >> there are good things we get out of being sick as miserable as it may be. >> thank you for being here. kim kardashian-west is taking a good look at her life
9:28 am
after being held at gun point. the changes that she is making when it comes to social media and flaunting her wealth. and making sure thalia weapon -- making sure that weapons of law enforcement officials do not end up in the hands of criminals. the changes being implemented today in santa clara county.
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♪[music] >> it's time to check twitter. we're just kind of sitting around looking at each other. >> i thought you were going to do. check twitter. the question of the day is n the mall of america in minnesota will be closed this thanksgiving holiday. individual stores can open if they want that. do you like that move? do you like stores being closed when it comes to you will you take the holiday pay or the time with your family. >> old fashioned. i like when stores close.
9:31 am
brent says both my folks are deceased. no family. work on the holidays gives me a place to go and something to do. i i like that. >> i work holidays because i have to. it's not much of a problem for me because i get double time. >> that is a big incentive. it's nice to have the luxury to choose family if you can. but if you're trying to pay the bills, i would take that double time in a heartbeat. thanks for talking to us through twitter and facebook. we will keep check your responses throughout the day. >> i love this weather that we're having. >> i know you do. >> orange october. >> any time that he can sneak it in. >> clear skies. nice, sunny, warmer. warm tomorrow for sure. but the coast, bay, everybody looking good. cold this morning. a couple of 30s and 40s. now we're seeing the 50s and 60s and end up with 70s and 80s. friday and saturday looks even warmer. saturday will be the warmest day. nice on sunday. changes start next week. rain by this time next week.
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>> thank you, steve. >> hurricane matthew inching closer to the state of florida. these are pictures from haiti where 23 people were killed. right now more than 21,000 people are in emergency shelters. officials worry that the casualty toll could get higher as rescue crews arrive at some of the more remote areas of the island nation. >> a sacramento family is in the process of adopting a little boy from haiti. they are hoping that their little son is safe. natalie has already story -- has their story. >> reporter: last may deanna got to hug the boy that she adopted from haiti for the first time. >> he is four years old. he has an infectious smile and a big belly laugh. >> reporter: dean and her husband freddie have been in the process of adoption since 2011. >> we searched the world for him. >> reporter: he already has a room in their elk grove home that sits empty.
9:33 am
>> it's heart breaking to walk into the room and see it ready or walk by and he is not here. >> reporter: legally deanna says that he is their son but they haven't been able to bring him home. >> it's so hard because we had to get on an airplane and leave him behind before paperwork got ironed out. >> we tell our kids any minute now. >> look at that smile. >> reporter: as they wait, the news of hurricane matthew's devastation in haiti overwhelms them with fear. >> i couldn't sleep at all. no. it is terrifying to see this coming towards the country that is like a little tiny postage stamp. the picture we got of them, he was crying. >> reporter: he is in a small town. >> i have seen photos of the water rushing through. there is no typical sewage system. sewage runs right through the streets. >> the kids play at the bottom
9:34 am
of that orphanage. there have been outbreaks of diseases. we're worried about his health. >> reporter: and though they feel helpless thousands of miles away -- >> there is nothing real that you can do except sit back and pray. >> it is heart breaking that he is there and i'm here. >> reporter: they refuse to lose hope that he will be here soon to fill the home with joy. >> your house doesn't feel the same. he should have be here a long time ago. >> still no word on whether or not the family has been notified about how the little boy is doing or where he is. the next hour, the santa clara sheriff will show off something she will give all of her deputies. >> it's to comply with a new state law to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. janine de la vega is live in san jose. this will make it harder for thieves to steal guns from deputies' cars. >> reporter: yes, it is. and the sheriff of santa clara county just purchased these gun
9:35 am
lockboxes. but they're not going to go in the deputies' patrol cars. they are going to be installed in deputies personal cars for when they're off duty. right now only civilians are required to store them in a secure lockbox in their car or locked trunk. last week jerry brown signed a bill that requires law enforcement to do the same. in recent years, dozens of police guns have been stolen and used in crimes in the bay area. investigation from the bay area news group found that 192 guns were stolen from officers' cars from 2010 and 2016. that include two high profile cases. kate was shot by a gun teak enfrom a car from a ranger. and then there's the case of antonio ramos who was shot and killed while painting a mural in oakland. the gun used was stoleenfrom an immigrations and customs enforcement agent. the new law preventing this from happening again won't go into effect until january. but the sheriff's office in
9:36 am
santa clara county is staying ahead of it and purchased 750 gun vaults for the deputies. she will be holding a news conference at 10:30 this morning. they're hoping this is going to make a difference and guns will not get into the wrong hands. grass. >> thank you. for more on some of the headlines we have been working on. let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you. here are some of the top stories. police in hayward investigating a homicide. last night there were reports of shots fired near 7th and b streets. when the police arrived they found a man who was shot of. he was inside a car in the driveway of an apartment building. that man later died. now, police believe a second man was also shot but he took himself to the hospital. by the time that police investigators arrived, the man was gone. however, they're still trying to find him for questioning. in the meantime a woman in concord says she fought off a man dressed in a clown suit who
9:37 am
tried to grab her 1-year-old daughter. this happened yesterday afternoon about 1:00 p.m. at a bus stop on willow pass road near water world parkway. the concord police say the woman was holding her baby daughter when a man wearing a clown outfit and a blue wig walked up and started talking to them. >> they started to have a small conversation. and he was just, you know, kind of talking with her daughter. at one point our suspect pulls the daughter's left arm, almost as if he is tugging her away from her mother. and that's when our -- that's when the mother -- that's when the mother reacts and kicks him in the shin and he goes running down willow pass road. >> now, concord police searched the area trying to find him. couldn't find him. we don't know if this incident is part of a recent series of creepy clown sightings and threats around the bay area and around the country. well, concord police are looking into a creepy clown picture posted online as either
9:38 am
a hoax or possible threat against students at clayton valley charter high school. officials found about the picture this morning and called the police. we spoke to school officials a couple of minutes ago. officials there say all of the students are safe. and teachers and staff are on alert. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, back to you. >> thank you, dave. the bay area chapter of the council of american islamic relations has filed a complaint with federal transportation officials after a uc berkeley student was boarding a flight to oakland when another passenger overheard him speaking on the phone in arabic. the student was pulled off of the plane by an employee and interrogatedder cleared. this happened back in april. we reported it then. the office says that it just filed the complaint this week. care called religious profiling a troubling trend. troubling trend. >> this type of incident and the trend that we're seeing
9:39 am
tells me that that perhaps our u.s. air carriers are not providing adequate diversity trains to employees. >> care cites at least four other cases this year involving muslim passengers facing similar experiences with different airlines at airports across the country. that's why it filed the complaint demanding that airlines be held accountability. an investigation is underway after a samsung phone caused the delay of a fault bound for baltimore. all of the passengers and crew were told to get off of the plane. the passenger said that the phone was a replacement after samsung issued a massive recall of the note 7. a spokeswoman says the company is working with southwest and investigators to recover the device and confirm the cause. san francisco supreme court elected its first female african-american preceding judge to the judge. terry jackson will begin her two-year term on january 1st.
9:40 am
throughout her career she served in a number of leadership positions in the city. she is currently the supervising judge of the criminal division in san francisco. the animal shelter in the city of alameda is experiencing a budget crisis. the shelter cares for 1,000 animals a year. a nonprofit organization friends of the alameda animal shelter runs the facility in partnership with the city. the group needs $1.3 million a year to operate the shelter. but the city currently budgets only $300,000. at tuesday's city council meeting, the shelter asked the city to budget more money. kim kardashian-west is scaling back social media posts after the robbery in paris. many say that she made herself a target by posting pictures and video with a giant diamond relationship. she is all over twitter and instagram. she agrees. she will no longer flaunt her
9:41 am
personal wealth and will pull back on promoting her fashion line. men broke into the hotel room and tied her up and stole $10 million of her jewelry. police at this point are still looking for the robers. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a big announcement for fans of the rolling stones. >> like me. >> coming up, the studio album that they just announced that will be available in time for the holiday shopping season. fans will go home with a clay thompson bobble head. his reaction to a mini me and a look at the other bobble heads just unveiled. ♪[music] i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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>> all right. it's fleet week. day four. for more on the activities you might want to check out, we go to fleet week spokesperson david cruz. good morning. great to see you. what did you think of the giant last night? >> good morning. you know our giants won. how fabulous is that? we're looking forward to them moving forward. fleet week is getting started here. so you guys know we start off the week with all of the serious stuff. the disaster training programs. our community service. tonight that kind of wraps up. we go into our honor our fallen concert at the motel from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. that's where we turn the page. we go from preparing for the worst to honoring our best. now we're going over to the celebration side of our service members. >> dave, i'm curious, how has the ship been attended? a lost people visiting the ship here in san francisco? >> they are. and today is a full day of tours. 10:00 a.m.
9:45 am
to 2:00 p.m. pier30 and 32, go out and see the uss san diego. our navy at pier1517 are open for ship tours today. >> those are free? >> it is. >> yep. >> totally free. you will have a great experience. bring the whole family. >> are you seeing more and more people show up every day as fleet week goes on? >> yeah. absolutely. the crowds are building up. they will really build up because today 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. the blue angels take to the say for the survey flights. that will wake up the city. everybody will hear them across the sky. that will bring the crowds out. >> a lot of people say i don't live in the city i don't deal with fleet week that much. i live in the east bay and i see the flights by my house. >> you do. on friday in fact uss hornet here in alameda have a fabulous
9:46 am
team welcome to the pleat party. everybody is welcome to come out for that. that will be a beautiful reception. >> david, i brought up the giants because i want to ask you, they will be playing a home game on monday. is there any chance that the blue angels stick around another 24 hours and do the flyover on monday? >> great idea. >> really fabulous idea. we would love to keep the blue angels in town. we will start working on that for you. >> okay. that's all i'm asking. >> that's a no if i can read -- >> put it in their ear. they're probably already talking about it. >> we will try. >> thank you very much. disregard my co-anchor mike with the crazy ideas. >> diplomatic. >> they may want to do it. >> it doesn't hurt to ask. drew harrison of the beetles tribute band is returning to the music hall to pay tribute to john lennon. >> when i was young, so much younger than today. never needed anybody's help in
9:47 am
any way. ♪[music] >> that is one of my favorite songs. the show is october 9th in honor of lennon's birthday. drew harrison is joining us this morning himself. you play all of the songs. >> i do. >> it's like asking what is your favorite food. do you have a favorite beatles song. >> i have one that inspired me. >> why that song? >> which i love. >> it's a 7-year-old thing. i was in the recreation school. they were trying to calm me down. all of the kids just got out of sports. the hippy at the time put a record on. white album. it was magical. >> wow. >> and it still is. >> covered by a lot of bands. >> yeah. yeah. >> what is your connection to lennon? >> what does he mean to me? >> grew up listening. >> yeah. i was a kid in the '60s.
9:48 am
a young child. so the beatles were around everywhere. the music was everywhere. when i was a teenager starting in, it was the solo material of john's that hit me hard for a variety of reasons. i was mentored by the music. the imagine record. as well as stevie wonder records as well. >> that's where your brain starts to open up when you're 11 and 12. i went back and i listened to the music. you don't think about it the way that i thought about it. >> do you do any sergeant peppers? >> well, actually yeah. the encore occasionally is a day in the life. >> '68. >> '67. summer of love, baby. >> oh, right. >> let's talk about your show this weekend. it comes right about the time that he would have been turning 76 years old. >> yes. >> you and i were talking about would he still be performing or might he have another active
9:49 am
role in society. >> i think he would have been involved in a lot of social commentary. >> uh-huh. >> he loved to write. one of the first things that he did as a child at school was this thing called the mercy beat. and the daily howl. he true these articles and -- drew these articles and such. he was always a prolific thinker and a philosophy. >> they were friendly even after the break-up. they made up and there's an interview with tom snyder i think he said paul and i are fine. all of the beatles are fine. after they split up. remember tom snyder. >> december 8th, 1980. do you remember where you were. >> i do. walnut creek getting off of the d bus to see this gal who worked at the original hot dog
9:50 am
place. >> how did you find out. >> she came over telling me. she was crying. i was like cool the beatles. and then the announcer came on and said that john had died. it wrecked me. as it wrecked so many. >> when you perform in san francisco and do the show, do you interact a lot with the audience. >> yes. >> do you tell stories in between the songs. >> i do. there are so many. i have read his interviews and a lot of books. you know, i do some antidotes. i encourage interaction. maybe a lit of heckling. the lennon fact check. >> do you notice an age difference. >> it's -- the demographics are baby boomers mostly that come to see it. people want -- it's nostalgic and also a story of his life through songs. i chose the songs to talk about his life. and it resolves. it resolves with a happy
9:51 am
ending. it's not just his aassassination. the happy ending is what he realized. and his -- and his career from help on to actually the song real love. >> uh-huh. >> you can -- you can get this little story of what he was about and his soul, i think. so it's my -- it's my take on it all. >> very cool. drew harrison. the show is sunday, 8:00. we put more information for you on look for it right there on the web links section of mornings on 2. you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. nice to meet you. >> thank you. thank you. >> awesome. i feel like playing beatles now. >> i think we are. >> let's do it. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. ♪[music] they prey on our children, spending billions.
9:52 am
9:53 am
addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all...
9:54 am
support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. >> the biggest actors union is honoring robin williams. she named a performing arts center in new york for the comedian who started here in the bay area. it will be used by people trying to break into the world of entertainment. billy crystal calls it the best way to honor williams. >> he was an incredibly talented man we know. he was also gentle in spirit and nothing but sharing and kindness. and i think that's what people need when, you know, times get
9:55 am
rough. robin was a big hugger. and you will feel that i think when you walk into this building. >> williams was a favorite at the san francisco comedy competition and became star in tv's mork and mindy. he commuted suicide two years ago at his home. blue and lonesome will be the stones first album in ten years. the producer says it takes the band back to its roots. the album consists of covers of chicago blues songs. it was recorded in just three days. blue and lonesome will be released on december 2nd. preorders are being taken right now over on the rolling stones website. >> it will be a busy night in the south bay. the warriors have a preseason game. kickoff is 5:25 at levi's stadium. the 49ers are coming off of a loss to the cowboys this last sunday. the cardinals lost to the rams
9:56 am
sunday. they will be without their quarterback palmer who has a concussion. >> and that warriors game is against the sacramento kings. it is the warriors third game of the preseason. they had fun with the clippers 120-75 was the final. tipoff is at 7:30 down in the south bay. the first 10,000 fans will get this bobble head. it has given him thoughts of a potential career change. >> i'm going to go down to 880 in san jose and shoot up with the sharks. >> take it away. >> he has it in his hands. that video was posted on the warriors twitter page. >> i like that. >> don't take it out of the shot. >> oh, sorry. >> don't do that again. >> this is live television. there you go. >> i love the basketball. not the hockey puck. >> okay. let me pop up some of the
9:57 am
bobble head give aways. take a look on the screen from left to right. kevin durant bobble head is november 28th. and the tribute to nate the grate is december 20th. an the andre bobble head is january 10th. it shows him wearing a virtual reality head set and golf clubs and all the good stuff. >> how do you get that, sal. >> how do i get that. >> in advance. >> the warriors like me. >> yes, they do. and you like the giants. everyone is happy. >> oh. >> thank you for watching. have a great thursday morning. >> what are you doing?
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city it's the wendy williams snow. >> hot topics. >> now here's wendy! [ cheering ] ♪ >> wendy: yeah.


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